Training in CSR

The education that provides small and medium-sized enterprises knowledge and practical tools to begin working with CSR issues and to further develop the company's CSR work is now produced.

The program includes many practical examples and exercises in workshop form that will help to make the subject as specific as possible for the students. Participants will, based on the conditions in the  own organization, conduct an initial study of CSR. Based on the results of the inventory each participants  will set up their own CSR strategy. The program provides tools to practically work with CSR issues in the company and is designed in accordance with the recommendations in the standard of social responsibility, ISO 26000.

The first training sessions for three days will go in Kalmar, Sweden, 19 and 24 April, and May 15.



  • Integration of CSR into business
  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder dialogue
  • Delineate responsibility
  • CSR inventory and prioritization of CSR issues
  • CSR strategy
  • Goals, targets and key performance indicators and monitoring
  • Code of Conduct and its implementation
  • Sustainability in the supply chain: requirements on suppliers and monitoring requirements
  • Concrete CSR collaborative
  • Internal and external communication of CSR work

The training covers three days and is addressed to both the President and all other positions that work with CSR (CSR, environment, health and safety, purchasing and communication). We recommend that two people from each company attend.

Price: Due to the project's European funding program, the training is free of charge! We offer coffee, juice and fruit. Lunch paid for by the participants themselves.

Annika Karpfors, tel: 0730-208027 E-mail:


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