Aiton Caldwell

We are discussing with Jan Wyrwiński, the President of the Management Board of Aiton Caldwell SA, about how to implement corporate social responsibility even in a young company and how to support the implementation of business goals from the very beginning of its existence.



POLIX is a medium-sized enterprise which shows that a social corporate responsibility strategy may be implemented not only at large companies. We present an article based on a conversation with Sławomir Radziwanowski, Commercial and Marketing Officer of POLIX.



The Motowalker (Autochodzik) Programme, thanks to which the youngest participants of road traffic learn safe traffic rules, provides for the integration of the environment of kindergartens, schools, parents and entities operating to the benefit of safety, as well as companies that want to carry out social responsibility projects. This initiative, being a business project, is an interesting example how a comprehensive programme responding to the existing social problem may be efficiently carried out in cooperation with public entities, non-governmental institutions and the very project recipients, i.e. children and parents.


Datera S.A.

We are talking to Marcin Krasowski, the Vice-president if the Management Board of Datera S.A. about developing local community, transparent communication with customers and dialogue with employees.


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